Next 2 steps; Video Eyewear and Empathy Reality


Video eyewear will replace the smartphone, and the best place to learn more is from this video below from ODG – Osterhout Design Group.

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) is a private company headquartered in San Francisco. Their story begins in 1999, revolutionizing the high-tech toy industry by integrating high-performance electronics to create devices loved by the old and young alike. Today, ODG is changing the world of computing with its Augmented Reality Smartglasses.

With the popularity of immersed education on the horizon, it makes the most sense for inventors and designers to use ER – Empathy Reality so it can experience the same environment as their future potential customers with vision loss, hearing loss or whatever disability they may have.

Empathy Reality Videos will be used to teach people what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes, as well as a tool to use to teach everything. 

Empathy Reality videos will be used with the next generation of Augmented Reality

The next generation of video eyewear will need the highest quality Video so users can experience everything.

  • Designing Videos to help people learn to have empathy and experience what other people see, hear, and feel, will help people to have greater empathy for persons with disabilities.
  • Designing Videos to help people learn to have empathy in a social environment will teach people how interact with each other in a positive way.
  • Designing Videos to help people learn to have empathy for our planet will teach people how to have greater respect for our environment.
  • Designing Videos to help people experience other locations will be a great tool for travel agencies.

    ER – Empathy Reality

    Vision Helpers

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