Buy your 360 Degree Camera and 100 percent of the profit goes to help children who are blind.


The website 360 Degrees of Fun (360 website) is selling 360 degree cameras at their on-line store, and 100 percent of the profit goes to the Braille Guide Fund. The Braille
Guide Fund was established in order to purchase equipment for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in transcribing text into braille.

100 percent of the money in the Braille Guide Fund will be used to: • Get more people certified as Braille transcribers in literacy, math and music. Help purchase braille displays for blind children.

The reason for the Braille Guide Fund.

In the last few years, many braille transcribers have retired leaving those positions unfilled.

What the Braille Guide Fund provides.

The Braille Guide Fund will provide the technology needed to learn braille. In addition it will help the individual with enrollment into the national program to become certified. After we reach our goal of getting 100 people certified all money will go to purchase braille displays for children.

Braille for a child who is blind, is exactly what text is for a child who is sighted.  If you don’t need a 360 degree camera and you want to give to the Braille Guide fund, please click on the link DONATE NOW and give. Thank you in advance for your donation!

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