Amazon Echo is the best example of ER – Empathy Reality – and it helps all people.

ER stands for Empathy Reality and it is exactly what the Amazon Echo delivers as it helps people of all ages.  Think about this.

When you think about what people are thinking in regards to what they need, it is as if you are placing yourself in their shoes, so then you can design and deliver exactly what a person needs.  Alexa (the voice of Echo) is America’s friend that can do so much for you.  The Amazon Echo from Amazon is a voice-enabled speaker.   Amazon Echo with its Alexa is the greatest invention for mankind because it helps people and accommodates persons with disabilities.

Alexa first entered our homes in November 2014 along with Echo.  Think about that.  Alexa is not even 32 months old and now has over 8.2 million users and treats everybody the same.  If you can talk, you can use Echo and Alexa will listen and respond to your request.

Most people use it to gather information but what I experienced with older adults is worth sharing.  To understand what happened, you must think about this.

Tucked away in everybody’s brain are memories of where we have been and what we have done in our life, and music seems to be the key to unlock some of these memories.  As some older adults were introduced to Alexa and how you can ask Alexa to play a song, what I witnessed was happiness and joy in older adults as songs from decades ago were played out in stereo.  I saw my father light up and smile and tell stories I had never heard before.  There is something very special in Echo and I think everybody should buy one for the people they love.

Alexa just turned 31 months old this month, and so you can only imagine how much more it will help people.

This is not an advertisement, and yes I own Alexa.

Alexa, Play Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine 

Alexa, Play Bill Withers – Lean On Me

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