Virtual Assistants are the ultimate Empathy Machine as they respond and help reduce TAT!

Virtual Assistants will be as common as a light switch and so standards should be set as to what the Virtual Assistant are allowed to hear/speak and what the Virtual Assistant is not allowed to hear/speak.  Build a UI for consumers to control what their Virtual Assistant can hear and say, and make it simple for people to understand and use.  As a consumer I want to control the hours it is on, except for emergency’s.  If the industry has to understand what we are saying than let the software have a UI which we as users can decide what is shared and what is not. Virtual Assistants will need to also know if Accessibility is important and what special controls are needed; i.e. spoken words sent to a braille display for the deaf/blind.

Speech in and speech out is the future for one main reason.  It reduces TAT – Technology Air Time.  It is the TAT that costs our governments and businesses time which wastes billions of dollars in lost productivity.  Time is money and we need to reduce Technology Air Time so we can make more money.  The day is slowly approaching where most people will talk to technology and the technology will talk to most people.  Reducing Technology Air Time to make people more nimble and efficient is exactly what a Virtual Assistant will do for mankind.

What is Technology Air Time™ ?

  • Technology Air Time™ is defined as the delays waiting on your computer.
  • Technology Air Time™ is the time when you are waiting on the technology, or the technology is waiting on you.
  • When we use a mouse or touch device, the technology waits on us when are hands are in the air, hence air time.
  • When our computer is old and outdated, we are always waiting on the technology, hence air time.
  • It is so important to keep your technology tuned up, and to train end-users to be the most nimble and efficient computer users, so you will reduce Technology Air Time™.

Technology Air Time™ is costing our Governments and businesses billions of dollars.



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